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Bay City Electric Works offers power generation training for contractors and specifying engineers. Training is conducted at our Corporate Headquarters in Poway, CA. We will also conduct training classes at your facility or virtually. Please review the training classes that we offer and schedule a class online or contact our Applications Engineer, Martin Ramirez.


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Applications Engineer
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Classes Offered

Generator 101

An Introduction to the Basics of Standby & Prime Power Systems including: Fuel, Cooling, Exhaust, and Starting systems, ATS’s and Switchgear.

  • Application Considerations
  • Location and Environmental
  • Derating
  • Ratings

  • Sizing
  • Code Requirements
  • Enclosures WP and SA
  • Remote Annunciators

Generator 102

Basic Generator Theory:

  • Generator Fundamentals
  • Common Electrical Terms
  • Generator Operation
  • Basic Circuits

  • Parallel
  • Series
  • Electrical Components

Installation Considerations

Basic Generator Theory:

  • What is the requirement for this generator?
  • Is it Code Required?
  • Is it to keep a critical facility or equipment operational?
  • Planning Code Requirements
  • Operational Issues
  • HVAC

  • Fuel systems
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Installation requirements
  • Transporting and lifting
  • Interconnections
  • Feeder and Control connections

ATS Fundamentals

Types including:

  • Standard Transition (open transition)
  • Delayed (Programed) Transition
  • Closed Transition

  • And their applications, separately derived service, not separately derived service.
  • Bypass/ATS’s and SER
  • Housings


Course includes:

A light overview of the emissions regulations for Emergency Standby Engines, Stationary Diesel engines, CARB and EPA regulations and TIER ratings.

IBC (Seismic)

Types including:

  • International Building Code, Seismic Certification
  • What it is and where it is required
  • High Risk Areas
  • Who is responsible for a project to be IBC CERTIFIED?

  • What generator components need to be IBC CERTIFIED?
  • The short of it, if your facility is IBC (required) certified, after an event, if the facility survives the event, the emergency must also survive the event.


Course includes:

  • Generator Code requirements
  • Do you need a generator?

  • Code changes to generator applications

Paralleling Switchgear

Course includes:

  • Generators in parallel
  • Made to order switchgear

  • Standard configuration
  • How it all works

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