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Kohler Launches Highest Rated Unit In History

A power journey that began more than four years ago is coming to completion in a very big way.

"This launch really executes on the final vision we had for this product line when we rolled it out," said Brad Meissner, product manager at Kohler, who was part of the engineering team for the initial KD Series launch. "It’s the largest generator we’ve had and the largest and most power-dense standby generator in the market."

"There are others out there at 4 MW, but when you add their mechanical cooling package, they’re really closer to 3900 kW. Kohler maintains the full 4000 kW rating. The KD4000, despite its full power, is not the largest physically, which translates to power density."

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Nationwide Generator Service

Ultimate Service Associates is a management services provider solely focused on maintaining networks of generator systems.

Our Single Source Service Management Program frees up our client’s valuable resources and time, placing generator service in the hands of a team completely focused on generator service across the United States, and creating greater efficiencies with lower costs.

Outback Power Enters Solar + Storage + Generator Partnership with Bay City Electric Works

OutBack Power Technologies is partnering with Bay City Electric Works in California to provide robust backup power with a complete home resiliency solution that combines energy storage with KOHLER brand generators for reliable and longer-lasting backup power solutions.

“Partnering with OutBack Power and combining their storage technology with our generators will provide energy savings every day and seamless backup power to residents when they face power outages,” said Rod Lee, President, Bay City Electric Works. “By using batteries during higher time-of-use rates, homeowner’s electric bills will be reduced while lowering emissions and fuel consumption.”

Bay City Electric Works carries a range of KOHLER generators, from 8- to 150-kW output capabilities. Their residential generators are designed for large or small homes needing whole or partial backup power. Bay City and OutBack Power are combining the KOHLER generator and creating a hybrid system with the FLEXpower Radian integrated system or SkyBox true hybrid energy system with 11 to 22 kWh of lithium-ion battery storage.

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Free Webinar: "Data Center Sustainability Metrics and Standards" - Wednesday, October 14th at 11am PDT

Kohler Power Systems is pleased to announce that we are sponsoring a 60-minute webinar through Mission Critical titled “Data Center Sustainability Metrics and Standards” on Wednesday, October 14th, 2020 at 11am PDT.

Webinar Overview -

The economy and security of modern society is highly dependent on reliable, 7x24 availability of digital infrastructure. This impacts most people, businesses, and government agencies at virtually every level — both directly and indirectly. Over the past decade, demand has rapidly increased, resulting in a vast number of new data centers — the underpinning of digital services. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic increased digital dependency and demand, making infrastructure support a critical mandate.

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Generator 101 - Ohm’s Law, Electrical Voltage, and Conductivity

This information sheet series discusses the basics of electricity, including; Ohm’s law, electrical voltage, and conductivity as regards to the best material for conducting electrical current and insulating from electrical current.

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