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Happy Labor Day From Bay City Electric Works.

Bay City Electric Works wishes to thank the American workers for your contribution to making this country strong and prosperous. As you enjoy your well-deserved holiday, take a moment to appreciate the many products and services the workers of our nation provide. That achievement is due entirely to the hard work of you and our fellow Americans. Happy Labor Day!

Nationwide Generator Service.

Ultimate Service Associates, is a nationwide management services provider solely focused on maintaining generator systems networks.

USA's Single Source Service Management Program frees up clients' valuable resources and time, placing generator service in the hands of a team entirely focused on generator service across the United States, creating greater efficiencies with lower costs.

Framing a Solution for Data Centers.

Kohler eFrame enclosures target data centers and mission-critical equipment.

While make-or-buy decisions are a fact of life for most manufacturers, sometimes the best option is to do the important things yourself.

That was the conclusion that Kohler Power came to that led to the development of its new eFrame generator set enclosures.

The eFrame enclosures, designed to house Kohler’s largest 2.0 through 4 MW KD Series gen-sets, have been engineered to meet the specific requirements of mission-critical applications – primarily data centers – while providing shorter lead times, earlier installation and better service, and maintenance access.

“When we developed the KD gen-sets, we also launched enclosures up to 2500 kW,” said Brad Meissner, product manager at Kohler Power. “We were the first in the industry to offer factory packaged enclosures above 1 MW.”

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Generator System Operation During High Ambient Temperatures.

This information sheet discusses how very high ambient temperatures impact generator performance, service considerations to ensure reliability, and changes that may have to be made to existing generator systems.

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