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The Simplest Tier 4 Generators on the Market.

Most Tier 4 genset solutions require massive, expensive aftermarket parts. Not KOHLER® KD Series™ generators.

No DPF. No DOC. With only a SCR, we’ve removed all those complicated aftertreatment specifications. Not only that, since KD Series generators are built for prime power and peak shaving, your clients can save big on utility bills.

No need for:

  • Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) or Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)
  • Regeneration
  • Compressed Air
  • Additional Sound Attenuation

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Nationwide Generator Service.

Ultimate Service Associates is a management services provider solely focused on maintaining networks of generator systems.

Our Single Source Service Management Program frees up our client’s valuable resources and time, placing generator service in the hands of a team completely focused on generator service across the United States, and creating greater efficiencies with lower costs.

Energy Storage Systems.

Electricity is critical to everything we do in our lives. From lighting our homes and businesses to charging our electric vehicles. It’s something we’ve come to take for granted as reliable and affordable.

However, with utilities embracing preemptive power shutdowns and time of use billing rates, the price of electricity is increasing while reliability is decreasing—putting you at risk of being without power when you need it most.

Now is the time to take back control and you can with an easy to own backup power solution from Bay City Electric Works and OutBack Power™.

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Support and Planned Maintenance.

Bay City Electric Works offers generator service support that is available both for routine maintenance and emergencies. Our Planned Maintenance programs include:

  • Scheduled inspections of key service items (belts, batteries, filters, hoses, radiator, etc.)
  • 24/7 emergency services
  • Extended warranty programs
  • Load bank testing
  • Electrical system testing
  • Coolant testing
  • Oil analysis and any required oil changes
  • Remote wireless monitoring
  • Fuel cleaning and filtering
  • ATS and switchgear testing and maintenance
  • Generator rentals

All of our technicians are factory-trained and authorized and/or have completed degrees in diesel-electric power generation. You’ll feel better knowing that the technicians servicing your generator, engine and transfer switch are highly trained in their field. At Bay City, support is on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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The Advantages of a Brushless Generator.

This information sheet series discusses the terminology brushless generator in relationship to other designs and the advantages of a brushless generator to both manufacturers, supplier, and user.

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