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Register today for BCEW technical data base to access an extensive selection of specification sheets and drawings in Adobe Acrobat format. Logically organized, each section directs you to the specific model generator, transfer switch, etc. and lists all of the associated accessories. You can download specification sheets, dimensional drawings, wiring diagrams, and schematic drawings.

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How To Properly Maintain a Generator's Cooling System

To maintain performance and reliability, regular maintenance checks of a generator's engine cooling system must be conducted. Lack of maintenance of the cooling system can cause the engine to lose power and perform below its designed power output, create excessive wear, degrade lubricating oil and at worst, result in a seizure of this critical unit.

This video discusses the importance of maintaining a generator's radiator cooling system.
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Information Sheet #5

Three Cycle vs. Series Rated Automatic Transfer Switches:
This information sheet discusses the issues a system designer must take into account when selecting a 3-Cycle rated over a Series rated ATS and the merits of one type over the other.

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Congratulations to our 2012 College Basketball Bracket Winners!

Bay City Electric Works would like to thank all of our customers who participated in our 2012 College Basketball Bracket.

1st place will receive a $200 gift card, 2nd and 3rd place a $50 gift card, and 4th and 5th place $25 gift cards

Congratulations to the following winners:

1st - Don Pine
2nd - Elan Schier
3rd - Pascual Garcia
4th - Todd Johnson
5th - Tom Bergeron

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