KOHLER Towable Generators


KOHLER® Power Systems offers towable generators from 20 kW all the way up to 500 kW — for any application you can imagine. You get heavy-duty power for demanding applications with Tier 2 to Tier 4i engines, including the turbo-charged KOHLER Diesel KDI, a Tier 4 Final with lower operating costs and all the muscle you need.


Every model is emission-compliant for non-road use and comes equipped with a rugged, DOT-certified trailer and durable enclosure. And there’s another alternative: propane. LP gas is reliable, readily available, and refills just like diesel. KOHLER towable generators with innovative propane engines also are emission-compliant for non-road use and include the trailer and enclosure.


Applications and markets for KOHLER towable generators include:


  • Remote locations
  • Storm recovery
  • Public events


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