KOHLER Mobile Generators


Bay City Electric Works offers a range of KOHLER® mobile generators for the on-highway marketplace. Whether it’s for utility vehicles, rescue vehicles, or recreational vehicles, KOHLER mobile generators offer quiet and reliable power to anyone on-the-go. Each model comes with a limited 3-year warranty from KOHLER, a DOT-certified trailer and enclosure, and is compliant with the emissions standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency.


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Commercial Vehicles

The KOHLER power advantage continues with its diesel and gas models designed for the commercial vehicle industry. Keeping size, noise, weight, and emissions to a minimum, KOHLER offers a solid line of mobile generators for:


  • Police command vehicles
  • Fire/rescue vehicles
  • Race trailers
  • Mobile medical vehicles
  • Communication and media trucks
  • Specialty utility vehicles
  • Work trucks

Recreational Vehicles

KOHLER diesel generators offer heavy-duty power in a lightweight package. Available in both 60 Hz (10-40 kW) and 50 Hz (9-33 kW), these little powerhouses are built to be quiet and compact with minimal vibration.

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