OUTBACK POWER Residential Energy Storage Batteries


The PHI 3.8™ kWh 60 Amp deep-cycle Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) battery is optimized with proprietary cell architecture, power electronics, BMS and assembly methods. It is modular, light- weight and scalable for installations that range from kWh to MWh. Provides power security and seamless integration of renewable and traditional sources of energy in conjunction with or independent of the grid: net zero, peak shaving, emergency back-up, portable and mobile.


  • Energy and power in one battery
  • Drop-in-replacement for existing lead acid battery banks
  • On- or off-grid
  • No thermal monitoring, cooling, fire suppression, or ventilation equipment required
  • No maintenance


  • 10-year warranty
  • High efficiency rate means more usable power for you
  • Provides primary or back-up power for on-or off-grid homes and businesses
  • Delivers multiple charge/discharge cycles per day
  • Operates in broad temperature range of -4 to 120 degrees F
  • Proven in the field for 9+ years


  • Stores electricity from solar, wind, diesel/gas generators, the grid, or any combination
  • Modular and scalable – seamlessly add more capacity if energy needs grow
  • Install in small spaces
  • Indoor and outdoor use in all climates


  • Environmentally benign and non-toxic Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP)
  • No Cobalt – no hazards
  • No risk of overheating or fire
  • No fumes or off-gassing
  • Conforms to UL 1973 and UL 9540 when purchased as a complete Energy Storage System

OutBack Power Integrated Battery Rack

The innovative OutBack Integrated Battery Rack system is a comprehensive battery enclosure which includes all cell interconnects, cabling, and series string over current protection and disconnects. All electrical connections are made at the factory and ship fully assembled with the exception of the batteries, which can be quickly added and connected on the job site, making the Integrated Battery Rack uniquely easy to specify, order and install. Plus, the new lithium-ion models are tested and listed to the Energy Storage  Systems and Equipment standard ANSI/CAN/UL-9540.

Comprehensive Battery Enclosure Solution

  • Ideal for use with OutBack Skybox, Radian, and FLEXpower systems
  • Fast installation with cell interconnect
  • Supports multiple 48V strings of OutBack EnergyCell and lithium-ion batteries
  • Overcurrent protection on each battery string provides added safety and flexibility
  • Well-ventilated for increased battery safety and longevity