Outback Power

Since 2001, OutBack Power has led the industry with advanced off-grid and grid-interactive battery-based renewable energy systems.  OutBack Power is unique to other energy storage platforms in that it is one of the only energy storage systems on the market that fully integrates with generators thus creating a true micro-grid system. 


The inverter always knows when it is cheapest to pull from the grid, your solar array, or from your batteries, and when solar production is limited or battery charge is declining, the generator will start up and charge the batteries and power your loads.


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Outback Power Energy Storage System

OutBack Power energy storage equipment is also unique in that it is fully customizable to your specific needs.


We can provide a whole host of different sized leaded, AGM, and lithium batteries that are compatible with our various inverters so you can size a system to your specific power loads.  The Optics RE monitoring and communications platform also provides a substantial benefit as it gives you as the installer the capability to remote into a customer’s system, thus saving a truck roll while still giving the customer a view of their energy production and cost savings.  The final difference with OutBack Power’s energy storage equipment is the ability to AC couple to an existing micro-inverter which allows you to add battery backup to an existing solar array.


Whether you are building an off-grid whole home backup system independent of the grid, or you are designing a grid-tied system for backup power and energy management, OutBack Power provides the solution for all your energy storage needs.

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