Kohler Power Reserve

For the last 100 years, Kohler engines, generators, and UPS products have powered homes, hospitals, lawn mowers, stadiums, and everything in-between.  Now Kohler is proud to introduce the all new Kohler Power Reserve to their portfolio.


With KOHLER® Power Reserve energy storage systems, you’ll never lose power during an outage, and you’ll save big on your utility bill.

Kohler Power Reserve Energy Storage System

Kohler Power Reserve stores the solar energy gathered throughout the day and reserves that energy for use whenever you want it.  Power Reserve provides energy independence from the grid through a modular energy storage system that can be AC or DC coupled. 


The batteries and inverter can be installed indoors or outdoors, and best of all, Power Reserve is compatible with ANY solar panel installation.  With Kohler Power Reserve, you can say goodbye to blackouts, and hello to savings.


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